With a passion for where technology and business interacts and mastering code development with a dash of Linux.

About Tom

With a focus on web development font to back and an affection for Linux plus, I've trained with Code Nation’s master course which marries JavaScript full-stack web devlopment with commercial techniques like Kanban. I attended code events and Hackathons but what excites me most is tech that serves real needs for real people.

< Websites >

I have built a number of sites using employing the static site generators Jekyll and wordpress. I like to have clear design intent for example the meetup button in the Toastmasters used the Meetup API and was designed from scratch to minimise weekly date adjustment.

< Web Apps >

These apps adopt a number of technologies including HTML, CSS, JavaScript ES6/ES5, Node, React and jQuery.

< Extras >


I have been interested in Linux for some years now and have created a bash installation script that aids installing and setting up an Ubuntu desktop.

I have created a Linux mint installation recepie for newcomers switching from Windows to Linux.

< Email >

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