With a passion for where technology and business interacts and mastering code development with a dash of Linux.

About Tom

With a focus on web development font to back and an affection for Linux plus as a former RF engineer, I've a BEng 1st and PhD in engineering. As an experienced college lecturer I’ve enjoyed teaching engineering, mathematics and related subjects and have a psychology qualification too. I enjoy public speaking and I’m also the IT officer of my local Toastmasters group.

< Websites >

A strong emphasis was placed on design from sketch to code. Both static site generators such as Jekyll hosting on github as well as more traditional wordpress approach is employed; for instance the meetup button in the Toastmasters uses the Meetup API was designed from scratch to minimise weekly date adjustment.

There is some bootstrap focus but I consider these frameworks much more of a fallback than a default. Both the Varvy tool and PageSpeed were employed to assist with SEO.

< Web Apps >

These apps adopt a number of front-end technologies including HTML, CSS, Sass, JavaScript, jQuery and d3 just to name a few. API’s such as the freegoip and openWeatherMap provided key app data.

For some apps such as the promodo timer, market research produced an 'Information Architecture' and was refined towards ‘minimal viable product’. Additionally Git and the provider Github provided version control and code dissemination.

< Extras >


The are a selcetion of courses I have completed or mostly completed, with discussion on what I got from the course I have been roughly following the a Free Code Camp, though I've been adding more features and stipulations to there tasks to push myself further

I have done many online courses here are just a handfull


GitHub’s very own ‘Github for Developers’ 2 day course. This was excellent and then free course on Github, given by Github I completed successfully in 2016. I would very much recommend it though it’s now costs $500.

It cononsidered a wide range of topics on Git then finished by reviewing the tools available on Github Sep 2016


I always completed these courses if free or very nearly so if they were charging for certificates

Object-Oriented JavaScript

This is a well produced ES5 based JS course enveloping scopes, closures, the 'this' keyword, prototype chains, object decorator pattern, functional Classes, prototypal classes, pseudoclassical patterns, superclass and subclasses, pseudoclassical Subclasses. Though I did find it somewhat tedious in the latter part it was thorough

Responsive Web Design Fundamentals

It covered Why responsive, Starting Small, Building Up, Common Responsive Patterns, Optimizations

How to Use Git and GitHub

A superb course, and even helped me to set up my bash terminal profile on my Mac, (though now I use zsh on Linux). It reviewed navigating a commit history, creating and modifying a repository, using gitHub to collaborate

Responsive Images

An excellent course for front end covering optimising images, raster vs vector, CSS units and tools, fonts, srcset and more


The Ultimate MySQL Bootcamp

I very much enjoyed this course and am keen to use it in my apps in the near future. The course covered creating databases and tables, inserting Data, CRUD commmands,string functions, aggregate Functions, data Types, logical Operators, One To Many databases, Many To Many, creating an instagram Database Clone, building a node based SQL appur Web App

I created a handwritten SQL cheat sheet as a prompt when I next employ SQL

The Complete Node.js Developer Course

So far Ive completed the following: node.js fundamentals with some ES6, asynchronous node.js (building a weather App)


I have been interested in Linux for some years now and maintain two linux machines for my family. I have created a Linux mint installation recepie for newcomers switching from Windows to Linux.

I have on occasion been asked to wipe old laptops and refurbish them as Linux machines to give to charity. This could be tricky because of issues with Broadcom chipset and ethernet both not allways functioning easily on old machines

I want to turn the Simon game into a quiz game with questions in the database to include Linux command lines.

Social Media Workshops

Along with a collegue I am facilitating a social media workshops for a local organisation. Whilst Im no expert myself in social media (yet!), we intend to develop a fun event that focuses on using social media for the community. Rather than be about the underlying technology, it aims to get more people using it well. There is a need to develop basic IT skills in my community and hopefully if we can do one per month this will go some way to help

< Ambitions >

Front and back

My aim is to foster skills in React/Angularjs and back end development technology including PHP, SQL and Node.js with a view to hybrid apps.


I want to cement and grow my Linux knowledge by initialy achieving Linux Institute Professional certifications.

< Email >

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